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New report: Who Will Control Agricultural Inputs

September 13th 2013

Plus great visual who is feeding our world

An overview about the control of our food production was launched by the network ETC group. For more than 30 years they have analysed corporate control of the seed, pesticide market as well as for food processors. Now they have launched a new report Putting the Cartel before the Horse...and Farm, Seeds, Soil and Peasants etc: Who Will Control the Agricultural Inputs?. As a plus, in an amazing poster its is explained who actually feed us without biting the climate. Who Will Feed Us? The Industrial Food Chain or the Peasant Food Webs?

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This website and film present some of the dangers of GM-crops, and call for people across Europe and beyond to take action to stop them. We need a future of food and farming that benefits people and planet, and not the pockets of big business. We need to stop GM-crops from spreading across Europe. You can sign up for updates and alerts opposite.