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NEW REPORT: Genetically modified crops on the decline

April 30th 2014

Who benefits from gm crops? an industry built on myths

Global acceptance of genetically modified (GM) crops is in decline, with the number of countries cultivating falling for the first time, according to a new report from Friends of the Earth International released today. Poland and Egypt are the latest countries to suspend or phase-out GM crop production.

The report 'Who Benefits from GM Crops?' reveals that in Europe, production of Monsanto’s GM maize, the only GM crop permitted in Europe, dropped in Portugal, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Over 90% of the European Union’s GM crop production is based in just one country, Spain. Globally GM crops are grown predominantly in USA, Brazil, Argentina and India.

Countries such as the USA and Canada are faced with escalating problems associated with GM crop production. In the USA, 49% of farmers report problems with herbicide resistant weeds [3]; in Canada around 10% of farmers report about the same problems, resulting in increasingly toxic weed-killers being sprayed.

In Africa GM crops are grown only in three countries, South Africa, Burkina Faso and Sudan. However, extreme pressure from biotech companies threatens to open up the continent to GM crops. A recent Kenyan decision to ban GM crops came under fire from lobbyists intent on profiting from the sale of seeds and pesticides.

99% of GM crops have one of just two traits. What kind of innovation is that?

Instead of allowing GM crops,European politicians must urgently support existing farming methods that protect the environment and deliver healthy food for all, according to Friends of the Earth Europe.

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