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Crunch time for glyphosate II

June 3rd 2016

The re-authorisation is being sought by the Glyphosate Task Force (GTF), an industry platform uniting producers of glyphosate-based herbicides, whose members include Monsanto, Dow Agrosciences, Syngenta, and Barclay Chemicals. Richard Garnett, a lobbyist for Monsanto Europe, is chair of the Glyphosate Task Force.

Biotech lobby’s push for new GMOs to escape regulation - new report

February 4th 2016

The biotech industry is staging an audacious bid to have a whole new generation of genetic engineering techniques excluded from European regulations. The pending decision of the European Commission on the regulation of these so-called 'new GMOs' represents a climax point in the ongoing below-the-radar attack by industry on GM laws.

Crunch time for glyphosate

September 17th 2015

The renewal process for glyphosate (every 10 years) was supposed to have taken place 2012 but was postponed as the authorities were 'too busy'. Germany acts as rapporteur to the EU for glyphosate, and had its draft assessment report ready by December 2013, that said glyphosate is not carcinogenic.

WHO classification of Glyphosate alerts officials and markets

June 10th 2015

The WHO's new classification of glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup and similar herbicide brands) as "probably causing cancer in humans" has triggered responses around the world.


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