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Corporate control

New Food and Water Watch report

In the past decade, the United States has aggressively pursued foreign policies in food and agriculture that benefit the largest seed companies. The U.S. State Department has launched a concerted strategy to promote agricultural biotechnology, often over the opposition of the public and governments, to the near exclusion of other more sustainable, more appropriate agricultural policy alternatives.

Campaign and film launched to halt expansion of GM-crops

The European Commission is currently considering reviving talks on 25 new GM-crops for cultivation in Europe – including crops resistant to the pesticide RoundUp and insecticide-producing varieties of GM maize, soybean and sugarbeet. The groups claim that such a move would drastically change farming in Europe, leading to a big increase in pesticide use, contamination of conventional and organic crops and further industrialisation of the countryside.

President of European Patent Office asked to step down

The European Patent Office (EPO) has restarted a rush for patents on plants derived from conventional breeding, although a precedent case is pending in front the Enlarged Board of Appeal concerning a patent on tomatoes (G2/12). This new development is evident from a report of the coalition of No Patents on Seeds that is published today. Within a few weeks, around a dozen new patents will be granted, covering species such as broccoli, onions, lettuce, cucumber and melons. Just today two patents, one on salad and one on cucumber, were granted.


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About the Stop the Crop campaign

This website and film present some of the dangers of GM-crops, and call for people across Europe and beyond to take action to stop them. We need a future of food and farming that benefits people and planet, and not the pockets of big business. We need to stop GM-crops from spreading across Europe. You can sign up for updates and alerts opposite.